Saturday , 25 May 2024

Photochemical Study of Medicinal Compound (N-2 (thaizolyl) sulfanilamide,)

Meena Chourey*
Oriental Institute of Science and Technology Bhopal, India – 462021

N-2(thaizolyl) sulfanilamide, it is common hetero atoms are N,O and S.Sulphonamide are synthetic chemotherapeutic agents which contain a sulphonamide (SO2- NH2)group in their structures. The Photochemical reaction of N-2(thaizolyl) sulfanilamide it is in different medium, for example of, neutral medium, acidic medium and alkaline medium It is react (irradiate) with 125volt UV light for (70-80) hrs, sun light (around 20-25 days)  and dark room approximate one month , for different time duration Undergoes giving two products (I&II).The reaction was carried out neutral medium. Those product identify by this process 1.purification of solvent (methanol), 2.thin layer chromatography (for TCL, silica gel-G was used as adsorbent) 3. Melting point was noted by capillary method in concentrated sulphuric acid, 4. IR spectroscopy,5 1HNMR spectroscopy, 13CNMR and Mass spectroscopy.

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