Monday , 26 February 2024

Pharmacological Screening of Antihypertensive Properties of Chloroform Extracts of Trichopus Zelanicus Using In vivo Models

Dr. Gampa Vijay Kumar1*, Mr. Murali.Sollu2, M. Vivek vardhan3
1Professor and Head, Dept. of Pharmacy, KGR Institute of Technology and Management, Rampally, Kesara, Rangareddy, Telangana, India.

2,3KGR Institute of Technology and Management, Rampally, Kesara, Rangareddy, Telangana, India.

Hypertension is a chronic disorder characterized by a persistently elevated blood pressure exceeding 140/90 mmHg or greater. Many antihypertensive agents are used for treatment of hypertension like Thiazide, loop, and potassium – sparing diuretics, Calcium antagonists Angiotensin – converting enzyme inhibitors, Central α2 – adrenergic agonists, β – adrenergic and α1/β – adrenergic antagonists, Peripheral α1 – adrenergic antagonists, Peripheral adrenergic neuronal blocking agents, Central/peripheral adrenergic neuronal – blocking agent, Direct – acting vasodilators etc. But these drugs have some side effect s like diuretics may cause muscle cramps, dizziness, extreme tiredness, dehydration, blurred vision, abnormal heart rate, skin rash, and others. Heart diseases have posed a great challenge in the developing countries. Heredity, high blood pressure, diabetes, high serum cholesterol, smoking, improper diet and stressful life styles are the factors, which are responsible for heart diseases. In Ayurveda believes that heart diseases are due to the imbalance of three doshas and bringing the normal levels of these tridoshas back to normal will be major step in management of heart diseases. Ayurveda treats heart diseases at two levels; first level is the preventive one and second level deals with the treatment of heart diseases with different plants and their formulations. in the presant work chloroform extracts of trichopus zelanicus has been prepared and evaluated for anti hypretensive activity and its oxidant properties which are discussed in following chapters.
Key words: Hypertension, trichopus zeylanicus, adrenergic antagonists.

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