Saturday , 20 April 2024

Pharmacodynamic Effect of Combination 5-Chlro-Isatin and Gliclazide in STZ Induced Diabetic Rats

Gampa Vijaya Kumar*1, K. Ramprasad2
1Professor and Head, Dept. of Pharmacy, KGR Institute of Technology and Management, Rampally, Keesara, Rangareddy, Telangana, India.
2Department of Pharmacology, Sree Chaitanya Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, L.M.D Colony, Thimmapur, Karimnagar, Telangana, India.

The antidiabetic effect of 5-Choloroisartin in experimental animals examined in this study. This synthetic drug is assumed to have anti-diabetic. The drug (orally) was administered in rat at the doses of 100 mg/kg the drug suppressed increased glucose levels induced by STZ and also exhibited protector effect in STZ-induced diabetes, at 100 mg/kg dose. Since the drug decreases the icreased blood glucose level, it is concluded that it interfere with gabaergic mechanism(s) to exert their antidiabetic effect in addition it reveals the presence of flavonoid and vitamins, phenolic compounds attributed to their anti-diabetic action.
Keywords: Diabetes, STZ, 5-Choloroisartin.

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