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Ramya Sree
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Orange peels find their place in the waste box of home and it happens because of the lack of awareness about their health benefits. People love for its juicy pulp and tend to discard orange peel for the fact that it doesn’t taste as great as the orange pulp. Orange peels contain many nutritional values that make it an excellent diet for keeping the body fit and healthy. The peelings have about the same nutritional value as the flesh itself. Regular consumption of orange peel is considered highly beneficial for several health ailments.
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There are host of benefits with the consumption of orange peels. Orange peels are beneficial in management and treatment of several disease conditions. Here are some benefits of consuming orange peels
Constituents of orange peel:
Vitamins: Vitamin C, A, B5, B6
Minerals: calcium, Iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, potassium, phosphorous
Pigments: B-Carotene
Controlling Cholesterol levels:
Orange peels contain hespetidin, a compound known for its antioxidant properties. It is also found in orange pulp but in much lower amount. Hespetidin helps in lowering the cholesterol level of the body and maintain the blood pressure.
Natural Fiber:
Orange peel contains pectin, a natural fiber which prevents problem like constipation and maintain the blood sugar level. Pectin also helps in promoting the growth of good bacteria in the intestine which results in better digestion.
Natural Oil:
Orange peel contains natural oil which makes the skin elastic, strong and beautiful. This oil acts as natural cleanser this essential oil can be used in soaps and water-less hand cleaners. The oil is a solvent, so it can effectively clean skin without the use of hazardous chemicals. Orange oil is also used as a scent in perfumes and cleaning products.
Weight Loss:
Tea prepared from the orange peel is an excellent remedy for weight loss. It increases metabolism, removes fat from the body and increases the body energy and stamina. It is also an excellent remedy for insomnia.
Natural Sunscreen:
Orange peels are a boon for skin, as they possess anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. The dried peels can be powdered and used to scrub and exfoliate skin. It is a great cleanser, helps to cure acne and pus filled pimples and remove blackheads, dark spots and pigmentation. Orange peel acts as natural sunscreen. It contains d-limonene which works as a shield to UV rays of sun. Rubbing orange peel on skin gives additional benefits like prevention from acne and premature aging
Anti-inflammatory Properties:
Orange peels contain anti-inflammatory nutrients which help in fighting haemorrhoids and even cancer. Orange peels also contain flavonoids which De-accelerate the growth of cancer cells.
Precautions While Using Orange Peels
While orange peels have several health benefits, they are prone to accumulation of chemicals and pesticides which are rampantly used in horticulture today. Also on several occasions there are chemicals like wax, rubbed on the surface of the oranges to make them look healthier and fresh. Wash the peel well with warm water before consumption. Also ensure that the oranges are organic, which reduces the load of pesticides and chemicals in the orange peel.
Taking orange peels is a great way of safeguarding the body and skin from the host of common infections and allergies. If one can incorporate orange peels in their daily routine life, it would mean that they cutting down the risk of host of infections. “It is one of the best ways of blessing from Mother Nature and should definitely seek advantage of this great boon”.

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