Sunday , 25 February 2024

Micro-encapsulation: A Novel Technique

Sangita kumari*, Govind shukla, A. Sambasiva Rao
Sri Indu Institute of Pharmacy, Seriguda, Ibrahimpatnam, R.R Dist.,  Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Micro-encapsulation is a process in which tiny particles or droplets are surrounded by a coating to give small capsules of many useful properties. In a relatively simple form, a microcapsule is a small sphere with a uniform wall around it. The material inside the microcapsule is referred to as the core, internal phase, or fill, whereas the wall is sometimes called a shell, coating, or membrane. Most microcapsules have diameters between a few micrometers and a few millimeters. The reasons for microencapsulation are countless. Microencapsulation system offers potential advantages over conventional drug delivery systems and also established as unique carrier systems for many pharmaceuticals. Although significant advances have been made in the field of microencapsulation, still many challenges need to be rectified during the appropriate selection of core materials, coating materials and process techniques.
Key words: Microcapsules, Microencapsulation, Microspheres, Gelatin, Coating material

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