Friday , 12 July 2024

Lipo-structured Hematinic Formulation: A Novel Approach

Kapil Soni*                                                        
Maharishi Arvind Institute of Pharmacy, Jaipur-302020, Rajasthan, India   

Iron deficiency Anemia, a reduction in the hemoglobin concentration of oxygen-carrying capacity of blood. Anemia is characterized by loss of appetite, abdominal pains, tiredness, shortness of breath and headaches. Iron deficiency may result from lack of iron in the diet, inadequate absorption from the gut, or losses, usually through bleeding. The iron products that are currently available in the market are totally traditional, based on conventional concepts and do not employ any innovative technology. Artificial iron salts containing formulation are not as efficient as formulation containing biological background (RBC concentrate). Thus there is a need of incorporation of newer innovative technologies to enhance the efficiency of Hematinics.

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