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Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of Phenol by Imidazolium Fluorochromate in Aqueous Acetic Acid

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S. N. Hallale1,  S.B. Patwari2,  Suresh D. Dhage3,  S. G. Patil1
1Dept. of  Chemistry,  Maharashtra Udayagiri Mahavidyalaya, Udgir- 413517 Dist. Latur (M.S.)
2Dept. of  Chemistry, LBS College, Dharmabad. Dist. Nanded (M.S.) India
3Dept. of Chemistry,  SSJES, Arts, Commerce and Science  College, Gangakhed-431514, Parbhani (M.S.) India

The Kinetics of Oxidation of phenol, m-methoxy phenol and m-Chloro phenol by Imidazolium Flurochromate in the presence of 50%. Acetic acid has been studied. The reaction rate shows first order kinetics with respect to phenol and IFC. The reaction rate increases with increase in [H+]. Effect of ionic strength on the rate was found negligible. Decrease in dielectric constant increases the rate of reaction. From the Hamett Plot it was found that rate of reaction increases for electron donating substituent while decreases for electron withdrawing substituents. The effect of temperature on the rate has been studied and activation parameters were evaluated. On the basis of observed data, a suitable mechanism is proposed.
Keywords: Phenol, Oxidation, Imidazolium Flurochromate, Kinetics.

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