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Individual Drugs and the Reasons for Banning in India

Raga Deepika K*, Naresh Gorantla, Hindustan Abdul Ahad, Rajesh Pavan A 
Balaji College of Pharmacy, Ananthapuramu, Andhra Pradesh, India
APOTHEKE-2014, 8 Nov 2014, Organized by Balaji College of Pharmacy, Ananthapuramu, Andhra Pradesh, India

Drug development process is a robust process that can make and assure a drug with least possible side effects for human consumption. After a series of quality control process only a drug can be released into market. But some adverse effects of drugs appear only after the drug is used in general population. If the adverse effects are severe or the risks of using the drug outweigh the benefits, or if the drug is ineffective, the country may ban the drug or the Drug Company may itself voluntarily withdraw the drug. But unfortunately many of general population and some doctors also don’t know about those drugs and use them regularly which cause serious health effects. The government has to bring strict laws on manufactures not to produce such drugs and also it is the duty of the doctors not to prescribe such drugs so that the manufacturers will stop manufacturing of such dangerous drugs.
Keywords: Adverse effects, Quality control, ban

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