Sunday , 25 February 2024

Immunomodulation Property of Edible Mushroom: A Review

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Ganguly Subha*
AICRP On Post Harvest Technology (ICAR), Department of Fish Processing Technology, Faculty of Fishery Sciences, West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences, 5, Budherhat Road, P.O. Panchasayar, Chakgaria, Kolkata – 700 094, WB, India
*E-mail: [email protected]

Immunomodulator stimulates leucocytes, particularly cells of the macrophage system and modulates and potentiates the immune system of the body. It has been recommended earlier that the constant addition of immunomodulators to feed is beneficial for prevention of diseases. One of such immunostimulant compound is β-Glucan, polymers of glucose which consists of a linear backbone of β-1, 3 linked D-glucopyranosyl residues having varying degree of branching from the C6 position. 
Keywords: β-glucan, Immunomodulator 

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