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Identification of potentiality of essential oils of Piper nigrum L. (Berry) and Santalum album L.(Wood) for antifungal activity against seed borne fungi of paddy

Lalitha.V 1*, Kiran. B2, Raveesha. K.A3
1Department of Studies in Botany and Microbiology, Maharanis Science College for Women, Palace Road, Bangalore-560001, Karnataka State, India
2PG Department of Biosciences, CMR Institute of Management Studies, Kalyana Nagar, Bangalore -560043, Karnataka State, India
3Department of Studies in Botany, Manasagangotri University of Mysore, Mysore- 570 006, Karnataka State, India
Received: 10 June 2014, Accepted: 18 October 2014, Published Online: 15 December 2014

In vitro evaluation of essential oils of P. nigrum (Berry) and  S. album(Wood) against ten seed borne fungi were tested at 500 to 3500ppm concentration. In P. nigrum oil, at 2000ppm concentration, complete inhibition was observed in Pyricularia oryzae , Tricoconis padwickii and Drechslera tetramera. At 2500 ppm concentration, Bipolaris oryzae, Drechslera halodes, Fusarium moniliforme were recorded 100% inhibition. At 3000ppm concentration, Alternaria alternate, Curvularia lunata, F. oxysprorum and F. solani  recorded complete inhibition. In S.album, at 2500-3500 all the test pathogens were completely inhibited and recorded 100% inhibition.
Keywords: P. nigrum, S. album, Paddy seeds, antifungal activity, essential oils.

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