Tuesday , 5 March 2024

Guidelines on use of Corticosteroids in General Practice: A Review

Shiv Kumar*, Pradeep Kumar Thakur**, Murali Krishna Kandukuri**and Swetha R. Lakshetty***
*Asst. Prof., Department of Pharmacology, N.E.T. Pharmacy College, Raichur, Karnataka, India
**Department of Pharmacy Practice, N.E.T. Pharmacy College, Raichur, Karnataka, India
***Department of Medicine, Navodaya Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Raichur, Karnataka, India

The authors of this study gathered their ideas in an aim to prepare atleast general guidelines on prescribing of corticosteroids and summarizing the existing guidelines. Corticosteroids being widely used powerful anti-inflammatory & immunosuppressive agents and have become cornerstone of therapy in acute and chronic inflammatory diseases. Hence, the decision to use Corticosteroids should be made when a presumptive diagnosis has been made & when available information suggests a reasonable possibility of benefit. Criteria to corticosteroids use should be clearly identified and should be objective or quantifiable. Chance of significant side effects increases with the dose and duration of treatment and so the minimum dose necessary to control the disease should be given and later dose titration should be done. Geriatrics and pediatrics group of population, patients with chronic disorders are needed to be isolated for corticosteroids therapy and must be provided with corticosteroids card.
Keywords: Adverse events, Corticosteroids, Immunosuppressant, Guidelines, Monitoring

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