Monday , 24 June 2024

Gastro protective and Anti-Ulcer Activity of Aloevera and Amla Fruit Combined Juice in Pylorus Ligated Rats

P. Sailaja*, K. Deepikanjali, R. Madhu, M. Nivas, B. Sai kiran
Swathi College of Pharmacy, NH-5, Venkatachalam, SPSR Nellore-524320, Andhra Pradesh, India

In the present study the anti ulcer activity of (1) Aloe vera juice, (2) Aloe vera and Amla fruit combined juice were investigated in the Pylorus Ligated induced ulcerated rats. The efficacy of both of the plant based juices were compared with the standard reference antiulcer drug pantoprazole. All the studies were conducted according to the ethical guidelines of CPCSEA. Healthy adult albino strains of Wister rats, weighing 150-200 g were used as experimental animals. Rats were divided into five groups comprising six rats in each group. Group I: Healthy animals received vehicle only (saline 2 ml).Group II: Disease control animals, ulcer was induced pylorus ligation.Group III:  Ulcer induced rats treated with the Aloe vera juice (20.0 ml/kg-bw).Group IV : Ulcer induced rats treated with the Aloevera and amla fruit combined juice(20.0 ml/kg-bw).Group V:  ulcerated animals treated with pantoprazole(40mg/kg-bw). The administration of plant juices decreased the offensive factors like ulcer index, Gastric guice volume and pH, Total acidity, Acid volume and also reduced the amount of protein and carbohydrates in the stomach fluid. Further, plant juices increased the defensive glutathione. Activity factors like activity of oxidative enzymes such as superoxide dismutase and reduced of alkaline phosphatase and lipid peroxidase was higher in the diseased condition and same were reduced after the treatment with plant juices. The efficacy of plant juices was comparable with the standard drug- Ranitidine. The results of the present study reveal that the plant juices are having efficiency in the gastro protective activity. It is recommended that the above said plant derived juices can be further studied for their anti ulcer efficacy in human subjects.
Keywords: Aloe Vera juice, Aloe Vera and Amla fruit combined juice, pantoprazole pylorus ligated rats, Peptic ulcer, Antiulcer activity

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