Wednesday , 19 June 2024

Formulation Development and In -Vitro Evaluation of Bilayer Tablets Containing Dimenhydrinate and Cinnarizine

Kiran Kumar Yada1*, Dharmajit Pattanayak1, Saumya Das1, Vagdevi Y2
1Associate Professor, Vikas college of pharmaceutical sciences, Rayanigudem, Suryapet.
2Research Assistant, KP Labs, Kothapet (A Division of KDPL), Hyderabad.

The conclusions  arrived  in  this  thesis  indicated  that  the  formulations  of Dimenhydrinate sustained in  this  investigation  was  found  to  be  satisfactory  based  on  in-vitro  release  studies. Suitable analytical method based on UV-Visible spectrophotometer was developed for Dimenhydrinate lmax of 228 nm, 206 nm were identified in 0.1N HCl and pH 6.8 Phosphate buffer. The tablets were evaluated for pharmacopoeial and non-pharmacopoeial (industry specified) tests.  Based on the results, F-8, F-3 were identified as better formulation amongst all formulations. In-vitro release profiles of optimized formulations of Dimenhydrinate F8 Formulation. The bioavailability of the drug can also be improved with this sustained drug delivery system which increase efficacy, compliance and better clinical usefulness of patients. The Cinnarizine formulations prepared with super disintegrate Cross carmellose sodium showed maximum % drug release in 25 min i.e. 98.10% (F4 formulations and the concentration of super disintegrate was 25 mg). F4 formulation was considered as optimized formulation.
Keywords: Bi layer Delivery System, Dimenhydrinate, Cinnarizine.

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