Friday , 19 July 2024

Formulation and In-vitro Evaluation of Sodium alginate Floating Micro beads of Labetalol by using Emulsion Gelation method

K. Sunil Kumar*, P. Avinash, C. Penchalaiah, K. Bhaskar, T. Sirisha
Sun Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Kakupalli, Nellore

The  aim of the   research work  was  formulation and in-vitro evaluation  of  sodium  alginate  floating  micro beads  of   Labetalol  by using  emulsion  gelation  method. Labetalol is an antiulcer drug and works as a  α+β blockers & mainly in stomach. Micro beads of Labetalol were prepared in different oil ratio using Emulsion Gelation Technique. A new emulsion gelation technique is used to prepare emulsion gel beads using sodium alginate as the polymer. The use of sodium alginate and combinations of sodium alginate & mineral and vegetable oil will be used to study the effect on the sustaining property of the formed beads. Sodium alginate will act as thickening and gelling agent.  Additionally it also reduces interfacial tension between an oil and water phase and is efficient for preparation of emulsion. Formulation of labetalol as a sustained release dosage form can also minimize the loss of drug in
comparison of conventional tablets.
Keywords: Labetalol, Sodium alginate, Emulsion gelation method, Vegetable oil, Mineral oil

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