Monday , 24 June 2024

Formulation and In-vitro Evaluation of Methylphenidate Pulsatile Tablets Using Press Coating Technology

Dr. A. kishore babu1, Dr. M. Venkata Ramana2, T. Kalapraveen3
1Professor, AM Reddy Memorial College of Pharmacy, Narasaraopet.

2Professor, GBN Institute of Pharmacy, Edulabad, Rangareddy.
3Associate Professor, DCRM Pharmacy College, Inkollu.

In the present research work pulsatile drug delivery system of Methylphenidate tablets were formulated by employing compression coating technology. Initially the core tablets were prepared by using various concentrations of super disintegrates , the formulated core tablets were coated with the polymers by using compression coating technology. All the  core  and  press  coated  tablet  formulations  were  subjected  to  various physical and chemical evaluation tests for core and press coated tablets. The thickness, hardness and weight variation shown by all the tablet formulations were found within the official pharmacopoeia limits.  In vitro release of  Methylphenidate of core tablet formulations F1-F12, F4 showed faster drug release within 30 mins. Hence it was selected as optimized core formulation for coating purpose. The core tablet is being coated with six coating formulations by using press coating technique. Among the six formulations C3 shown maximum drug release hence it was considered as the optimized formulation.
Keywords:  Methylphenidate, compression coating, Pulsatile tablets.

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