Wednesday , 19 June 2024

Formulation and Evaluuation of Sustained Release Tablets of Perindopril

Pawan Kumar Battu,Amit Kumar Tiwari, Tribhuvan Singh, A. Ravali*
Gurunanak Institutions Technical Campus, School of Pharmacy, Ibrahimpatnam, Telangana, India

Prindopril sustained release tablets were formulated by using factorial design method. Eudragit EPO, Hydroxy ethyl cellulose and Ethocel were employed as polymers. Factorial design was employed in the development of formulations. The drug and excipient compatibility studies were carried out by using FTIR spectroscopy, from that it was evident that there were no interactions between drug and excipients.12 formulations were developed, the developed formulations were evaluated for various physicochemical parameters. The results were found to be within the limits. Invitro dissolution studies were carried out to optimize the concentration of polymer. From the invitro dissolution studies it was evident that the formulation (F6) showed required release pattern i.e., retarded the drug release up to 12 hours and showed maximum of 96.10% in 12 hours with good retardation. Stability studies were carried out for optimized formulation for about 2 months, there were no prominent changes in the dissolution values of formulation even after 2 months period of time.
Keywords: Perindopril, Synthetic polymers and sustained release tablets.

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