Saturday , 25 May 2024

Formulation and Evaluation of Sustained Release Matrix Tablets of Carbamazepine by Using Various Polymers

Kandakatla Priyanka*1, Rama Kotaiah. Mogili1, Lakshman Rao. Potti1, K. PriyankaPrasad Rao. Manchineni1,
Siva Sankar.R.Beeravalli2
1Department of Pharmaceutics, MAM College of Pharmaancy, Kesanupalli, Narasaraopet-522602, Guntur (dt), India
2Fedricks burg, Virginia.

Abstract: The objective of this study is to design and evaluate sustained release matrix tablets of Carbamazepine (CZP). The effects of various viscosity grades of Eudragit RSPO and HPMC E50LV on the release of Carbamazepine have been evaluated. Tablets were evaluated for physical and chemical parameters such as Hardness, Friability, Thickness, Weight variation, Drug content uniformity and in vitro release. All batches are complied physical and chemical parameters within the U.S.P limit. The amounts of Carbamazepine at different time intervals were estimated by UV Spectrophotometer method. In vitro release profile of Carbamazepine from combination of Eudragit RSPO and HPMC E50LV polymers (F8) showed that 100% of the drug was released at the end of 24 hr which is considered as optimized formulation. The tablets showed no significant change either in physical appearance or in dissolution pattern after storing at room temperature, 40° c and 75% RH and 2-8°c for three months. The drug release data fit well to Higuchi, Peppas and Korsemeyer equation. The drug release was found to diffusion and little extent by erosion.

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