Sunday , 3 March 2024

Formulation and Evaluation of Antifungal Herbal Cream Using Psidium Guajava for skin Diseases

Archana*, Pikkili Vinitha, M. Sandhya, E. Venu, M. Abhishek, R. Madhavi
SKU College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapuramu-515003, Andhra Pradesh, India

The main aim of our research is to develop a novel herbal cream formulation consisting of guava leaves for the treatment of skin infections. Topical route is most suitable for skin diseases. The development of topical drug delivery system designed to have systemic effects appears to be more beneficial for a number of drugs on account of several advantages over conventional route of administration. A novel cream formulation consisting of antifungal herbal cream is prepared. The formulation was subjected to physio-chemical studies. Anti fungal studies were performed to find out the safety of materials used in the formulation. The developed cream consisting of Anti fungal cream was found to be safe and effective for the treatment of skin diseases.

Keywords: Antifungal skin cream, novel herbal cream, drug delivery system, Anti fungal studies

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