Wednesday , 19 June 2024

Formulation and Comparative Evaluation of Pioglitazone Fast Disintegrating Tablets Prepared by Dry and Wet Granulation Techniques

B.V. Ramana1*, T.E.G.K. Murthy2
1Research Scholar, Rayalaseema University, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India
2Bapatla College of Pharmacy, Bapalta, Guntur Dist, A.P, India

Fast dissolving tablets constitute an innovative dosage form, which overcomes the problem of swallowing and provides a quick onset of action. The paediatric and geriatric populations are the primary. Targets, as both the groups found it difficult to swallow conventional tablets. The basic approach followed by all the currently available technologies engaged in the formulation of Fast dissolving tablets is to maximize the porous structure of the tablet matrix and incorporate super disintegrating agents in optimum concentration so as to achieve rapid disintegration and instantaneous dissolution of the tablet along with good taste masking properties and excellent mechanical strength. An Attempt was made to improve the disintegration capacity and Dissolution efficiency of the prepared formulations with the use of mixture of super disintegrants. Pioglitazone prepared alone with super disintegrants has shown the less release profile when compared to the release profile shown by the formulations with mixture of super disintegrants. The comparative evaluation of tablets prepared by direct compression and wet granulation showed varied results which proved direct compression method supported the drug to release more quickly and efficiently compared to the tablets prepared by wet granulation although the pre-compression properties of wet method is quietly suitable for the efficient manufacturing.

Keywords: Pioglitazone, Direct Compression, Wet Granulation, Disintegration

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