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Floating Drug Delivery System of Ramipril Using Foam Technology

Dr. Rajesh Asija*, Saurabh Sharma
Maharishi Arvind Institute of Pharmacy, Jaipur-302020, Rajasthan, India
Received: 15 May 2014, Accepted: 18 June 2014, Published Online: 10 August 2014

The objective of this research was to develop an intra gastric floating drug delivery system of ramipril and also effort were made to sustain the release of ramipril. Multiple-unit floating beads of ramipril were prepared from sodium alginate solution containing polaxamer  by using foam technology method. These beads were evaluated for entrapment efficiency, drug loading, buoyancy and in vitro drug release. All formulations were the floating lag time below two minutes and shows total floating duration more than 18 hours. It was observed that entrapment efficiency, drug loading and buoyancy was greater with formulation containing  sodium alginate 3% and  2% calcium chloride solution along with 100mg polaxamer F17 and also the result of in-vitro dissolution studies reveals that the formulation F17 give sustained release pattern of ramipril upto 18 hrs.
Keywords: Ramipril, Sodium alginate, polaxamer, formulations.

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