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Extraction, Purification and Characterization of Red Shrimp (Metapenaeus brevicornis) Body Lipid

Md. Abul Haider Shipar* 
Department of Chemistry, University of Chittagong, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Received: 10 May 2014, Accepted: 6 July 2014, Published Online: 27 July 2014

Lipid has been extracted and purified by standard methods from the body of red shrimp (Metapenaeus brevicornis) to determine some of its physical and chemical characteristics. Antimicrobial activity of the lipid has been studied against selected bacteria Staphylococcuss aureus, Bacillus subtilis, Salmonella typhi and Escherichia coli, and fungal pathogens Macrophomina phascolma, Alternaria alternate and Curvularia lunata. According to GLC, the lipid contains caprylic, myristic, palmitic, stearic and arachidic acids as saturated fatty acids, and oleic acid as unsaturated fatty acid. The lipid has been found active against S. dysenterial, S. typhi and A. alternate, and not active against S. aureus, M. phascolma and C. lunata.
Keywords: Red shrimp body lipid, Physical and chemical characteristics, Major fatty acids, Antimicrobial activity.

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