Wednesday , 19 June 2024

Evaluation of Prescription Pattern and Rational Use of Antibiotics in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Saritha Chandra*, Bollayyagari Kedareswari, Devarakonda Shulamithy, Inti Venkata Naresh, Shaik Sirajuddin, C Pardhasaradhy
Jagan’s College of Pharmacy, Jangala Kandriga (V), Muthukuru (M), Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Scope of prescribing pattern emphasize study on every pattern of therapy impose in treatment goal of antibiotics. Especially use and choice of drugs as mono therapy, dual therapy, triple therapy. The hallmark of determination of drug interaction and associated study on antibiotics. The study was conducted at the department of General surgery and department of general medicine, ACSR Government medical college, Nellore. The prospective observational study was carried out for a period of six months. It is a prospective observational study at department of general medicine and department of General surgery, ACSR Government medical college, Nellore. The study was conducted on the basis of patient perspective and is a sort of prevalence based study the study was conducted for 200 patients with the diagnosis of antibiotics at Department of General Surgery and Department of General Medicine, ACSR Government medical college, Nellore, for the period of the six months and the data was collected. Prescriptions of all 200 patients were analyzed and the following demographic details were obtained. Maximum numbers of patients were in the age group of between 41- 60 years (65.5 %) and among 200 cases, males constituted 121 (60.5 %) and females 79 (39.5 %). The high utilization rates and costs of antibiotics prescribed at admission in the ICU are a matter of great concern and need to be urgently addressed by the use of guidelines, protocols, educational initiatives, surveillance, and antibiotic restriction policies at all levels of health care.
Key words: Drug interaction, Antibiotics, surveillance

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