Sunday , 19 May 2024

Evaluation of Anti Hypertensive Activity of Thespesia Populena Leaf Extract on Albino Rats

K. Sumanth Kumar*, P. Venkatesh, S. Bhavyasri, P. Sravani Chowdary, P. Pragathi Reddy, E. Nagarjuna, D. Vamsee Krishna
Jagans Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Jangala kandriga (V), S.P.S.R Nellore-524346

Hypertension remains a major health problem in most countries because of its impact on the population mortility and morbidity. Hypertension is becoming one of the most prevalent diseases all over the world. It defines situation when arterial pressure is greater than 140/90 mmHg for an extended period. It has two major types of systemic hypertension they are primary & secondary hypertension. There are risk factors include non-modifiable & modifiable risk factors in this hypertension. eg: Alcohol intake, obesity. The goal of treatment for this hypertension base on physical (weight loss, limited alcohol intake, smoking) mental (stress reduction). Based on the clinical research hypertension can be decreases or reduced by using drug in the various category like diuretics, calcium channel blockers. From the above mention drug can causes side effects to overcome these selected THESPESIS POPULENA leaf as anti hypertensive drug. The whole tree has antihypertensive activity but we selected leaf because it has more yielding capacity. It has some uses like antibacterial activity, antifungal properties, it also inhibits tumour formation, urinary retention, breast cancer, ulcer, anti-antidotes for chemical poisoning. To get anti hypertisive activity from leaf we using different chemicals and drugs like 8% Nacl solution, formaldehyde, ethanol, carboxy methyl cellulose. The anti-hypertensive activity is getting from the process called solvent extraction. In this process we using albino rats for testing hypertensive activity from leaf extraction after completion of experiment we compared the results with systolic and dyastolic pressure with standard drugs.
Keywords: Hypertensive activity, Systolic and diastolic blood pressure, Sodium intake, Thespesis populena Ethanol

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