Friday , 21 June 2024

Evaluation for Anti-Diabetic Activity of Methanolic Extracts of Apricot Kernal in Animals

M. Lakshmi koteswari1*, P. Pandu1, M. Suneetha1, N. Srinivasarao2
1Deportment of Pharmacology, Vissanapeta, Vikas College of Pharmacy, Krishna (dt), Andhra Pradesh.
2Principal, Department of pharmaceutical analysis and quality assurance, Vikas College of pharmacy, Vissanapeta, Krishna (dt), Andhrapradesh.

A  B  S  T  R A C T
Apricots are a sweet summer-fruit staple and an exquisite addition to your polygenic disorder hotel plan. One apricot has simply seventeen calories and four g of carbohydrates. Four contemporary apricots equal one serving and supply over fifty % of your daily vitamin A demand. These fruity jewels are an honest supply of fiber. strive mix some diced contemporary apricots into hot or dry cereal, or toss some in an exceedingly dish. during this study alloxan evoked diabetic activity model rat was used. Alloxan forms associate increased aldohexose levels that generates polygenic disorder. Pretreatment with   apricot kernal extract created important decrease in aldohexose levels indicating the protecting result of tissue. On alloxan treatment a dose dependent decrease in aldohexose levels were determined. Pretreatment with apricot kernal  extract and antidiabetic created important alteration in levels.
Keywords: apricot kernal, diabetic activity, wistar rats etc.

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