Monday , 24 June 2024

Electrosynthetic Studies on Ethoxylation at Graphite and Platinum Anodes

A. Leostandly*, S. Antony Sakthi, Dr. N. Xavier
Department of Chemistry, St. Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli-620 002, Tamilnadu, India.

Benzyl alcohol  is  a  naturally  occurring  organic  compound  and  its  alkoxy derivatives  find  Enormous  applications  in  the  industrial  sectors  as  a solvent, preservative  and degreasing  agents. The  electrochemical  oxidations  such  as hydroxylation,   acetylation,   halogenations   have   been    exhaustively  studied  for  the  past   five  decades.  The  literature  survey  revealed  that  only  a  limited  research  work  has  done  on  the  electrochemical  alkoxylation  of  benzyl alcohol.  Hence  the  present  work  focused  on  the  electro synthetic  studies  of  benzyl alcohol  on  both  platinum  and  graphite  anodes. The  polarization  studies  were  carried  out  as  on  pre-analytical  tool  electro synthesis. The  electrochemical  ethoxylation  of  benzyl alcohol  yielded  2-ethoxy benzyl alcohol  which  was  duely  evidenced  by  the  conventional  spectral  techniques  like  IR  and  UV,  based  on  the  earlier  work  a  proable  ECEC-mechanism  was  proposed.
Keywords: Electro  synthesis  ethoxy  benzyl  alcohol,  ethoxylation,  platinum  as  anode,   polarization  studies

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