Saturday , 25 May 2024

Efficacy, Safety, Moa, Adverse Effects of Bromocryptine for the Treatment of Major Disorders: A Systematic Review of the Drug

Narendra Kumar Reddy Kolli*1, Swetha Polagani1, Rathnakar Nathi2
1Sri Vani School of Pharmacy, Chevuturu, Vijayawada, AP. India.

2Wuxi DEE Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Xishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu province, PR China.

Currently, type 2 diabetes mellitus is managed and treated with the use of the drug bromocriptine. It belongs to the dopamine D2 agonist drug class and is a derivative of the ergot alkaloid. This activity will go through the benefits, risks, and mechanism of action of the drug bromocriptine, which is most commonly used to treat Parkinson’s disease, acromegaly, pituitary prolactinomas, and other conditions. Additionally, we will emphasise the mechanism of action, adverse event profile, and other critical elements important to all inter-professional healthcare teams in managing patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus, Parkinson disease, acromegaly, and pituitary prolactinomas using bromocriptine throughout this activity.
Keywords: type 2 diabetes, bromocriptine, Parkinson’s disease

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