Wednesday , 19 June 2024

Development of Stomach Specific Floating Oral Insitu Gel of Domperidone for Children

M. Nirosha*1, S. Mumtaz Begum2, B. Hari Krishna2, V. Manideep2, G. Soujanya2, G. Venkatesh2
1Department of Pharmaceutics, OTRI, JNTUA, Ananthapuramu, A.P, India.
2Department of Pharmaceutics, SKUCOPS, SK University, Ananthapuramu, A.P, India.

Domperidone, is an antiemetic drug, has been used as an add-on treatment in adults and children. To reduce the dosing frequency of Domperidone especially in case of children, here we made an attempt to develop gastro retentive floating insitu gel formulation. With this effort drug release can be extended upto 12hrs, thereby improving the patient’s compliance. Oral insitu gels are in sol form before administration into the body, but once administered, undergo gelation in-situ to form a gel. Six formulations were prepared by ion crosslinking method with varying concentrations of sodium alginate and CaCO3. In the present study, polymers like sodium alginate was usedas a gelling agent and HPMC K15M as a release retardant polymer and CaCO3 was used as a cross-linking agent. Polymers were selected based on drug-polymer compatibility studies by FTIR.All six formulations were subjected to various evaluation parameters like clarity, determination of pH, drug content, viscosity, invitro gelling capacity, buoyancy studies, swelling studies and invitro dug release studies. Among all formulations, F-3 was found to exhibit better floating behaviour and drug release upto 12 hrs. Hence it may be concluded that floating oral insitu gels will be a promising approach to reduce the dosing frequency of paediatric drugs which shows good solubility at acidic pH.
Keywords: Domperidone, Floating insitu gels, HPMC, Ion cross-linking, Sodium alginate.  

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