Friday , 19 July 2024

Development and Characterization of Gastro Retentive In Situ Gel of ziprasidone Hydrochloride

Uma Rani Gandi1*, R. Nagaraju2
1R.B.V.R.R. Women’s College of Pharmacy, Barkatpura, Hyderabad, Telangana
2Sri Padmavathi Mahila university, Tirupathi.

The present study aimed at development of Ziprasidone HCl (anti-psychotic agent) into a prolonged release oral dosage form to reduce the frequency of administration which is very difficult for psychic patients. Ziprasidone has poor bio-availability, low solubility and absorption at intestinal pH. Hence a gastro retentive in-situ gel of Ziprasidone was formulated for easy administration of controlled release dosage form through oral route to overcome the above drawbacks of ziprasidone and to keep the dosage form for long time in stomach pH. Ten different formulations were prepared by varying the compositions of sodium alginate, pectin and calcium carbonate. All the formulations were evaluated and the best of the formulations was optimized by calculating desirability function. Among all formulations,ZF10 was found to possess maximum gel strength, floating ability,% drug content and prolonged drug release upto 12 hrs compared to other prepared formulations. From the release kinetic studies, it was concluded that ZF10 formulation indicated first order release with Higuchi as a best fit model. From the stability studies, it was found that there were no noticeable changes in drug content and % drug release during stability studies. Thus, the gastro retentive in-situ gel of Ziprasidone is a promising approach for its prolonged, sustained delivery with good stability by easy administration for the treatment of depression.
Keywords: Ziprasidone hydrochloride, Sodium Alginate, Gastro retentive in-situ gel

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