Wednesday , 19 June 2024

Determination of seasonal variation of ash values of Sennatora Linn.

V.B. Kadam and R.C. Gaykhe
P.G. Department of Botany and Research Centre, K.T.H.M. College, Nashik – 2

The seasonal variation of acid insoluble ash ,acid soluble ash, water insoluble ash and water soluble ash content have been investigated from leaves, stem and root of Sennatora. Comparative account of acid insoluble ash contents of Sennatora showed higher level in stem ( 10.33%) during summer season and lowest in root ( 1.34 %) during monsoon season. Comparative account of water insoluble ash contents of Sennatora showed higher level in leaves (range 9.66 to 10.66 %) than stem (range 8.00 to 9.33 % and root (range 2.33 to 3.33 %.).
Key wards: Acid insoluble ash ,acid soluble ash, water insoluble ash ,water soluble ash and Sennatora.

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