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Clinical Evaluation of Herbal Formulation Qurs Deedan Jadeed for its Anthelmintic Activity

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Qazi Zaid Ahmad1, Santosh Joshi2, Aziz Ur Rahman1, Md Imran Khan2, Asad Mueed2 
1Deptt. of Saidla A.K.Tibbiya College AMU Aligarh, India
2Hamdard Laboratories, India.

Helminthic infection has a worldwide distribution with the greatest incidence and intensity occurring in developing countries. It is estimated that as much as 60% of the world’s population is infested with intestinal worms. Helminthic infections are the main cause of loss of appetite, iron deficiency anemia, gastrointestinal or biliary obstruction, they also cause malnutrition in children which leads to impairments in physical, intellectual, and cognitive functions. Due to the increased resistance and adverse effect of the synthetic anthelmintic drugs led to the increase in interest of ethnomedical practices across the world for the use of medicinal plants in treatment of helmintic diseases. Unani System of Medicine also possesses several drugs both single and compound which are useful against intestinal worms. Some of them are described as Mukhrije deedan (vermifuge) and Qatel-e -deedan (vermicidal) while others may comprise both these properties. Qurs Deedan Jadeed is one such preparation which was selected for clinical trial. An Open, Observational, clinical trial conducted on 50 Diagnosed patients of helmintic infection, qualifying the inclusion criteria, invited for clinical trial after having their informed consent. QDJ was administered orally in dosage of 2 tablets daily at bed time with a glass of water for a period of 12 days. This study demonstrates that the test drug has significant anthelmintic activity as 60% of the patients have shown removal of ova & cyst at 7th days and at 12th days 97% of the patient got dewormed. The present study showed that the test drug possessed significant anthelmintic effect as mentioned in ancient Unani literature and the study also scientifically substantiated the therapeutic use of Qurs Deedan Jadeed as safe and effective therapy in the management of intestinal worms.
Keyword: Qurs Deedan Jadid, Unani Medicine, Anthelmintic Activity, Herbal formulation.


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