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Bhanubee C*, Dr. Hindustan Abdul Ahad
Dept. of Pharmaceutics, Balaji College of Pharmacy, Anantapur, AP, India
* e-mail: [email protected]

Cell phones are some of the most dynamic communication (and increasingly infotainment) devices of the Digital Age. While cell phones have proved to be highly beneficial tools for many tasks and activities, some negative effects do exist. Usage patterns, behavioral characteristics, health-related issues and other negative effects have been a cause for concern about the excessive and inappropriate use of cell phones. Research findings indicate that the use of mobile phones may lead to a number of symptoms such as headache, impaired concentration and memory, and also fatigue. In our day to day life, mobile phone has become mandatory. We can’t imagine our life without cell. It has numerous advantages. Every product has pros and cons. We also have many disadvantages with mobiles. Most important thing, when we use it in a proper way, there are very less bad effects. No significant health effect has been demonstrated from mobile phone radiation at normal exposure levels.
Key words : Cell phone, ill, harmful
Harmful effects of Cell Phones
Limited Attention Span
Sociologists, behavioral scientists and researchers point out to the limited attention span of users to the immediate tasks at hand while using cell phones.
Hazardous Driving
While driving talking with others on cell phone, it may cause accidents
Health-Related Issues
While conflicting health studies and reports have noted the harmful effects of microwave radiation of hours of cell phone chatting on the brain, affected sleep patterns in pre-teens and teens is a more serious issue. Other anomalies in behavioral patterns, such as irritability, lack of patience and abruptness, sometimes affect heavy users of cell phones.
Family Neglect
With newer cell phones being all-in-one entertainment devices, young users tend to get immersed in their cell phones for hours on end. Family interaction becomes limited, and negative consequences happen over time.
Slave to Technology
Being fixated on checking text messages, playing games, checking email, or calling friends and relatives can often make a user a slave to the crutches of technology and detract her from other fun and engaging real-world activities
Brain Tumours
Cell phone users can easily be affected by brain tumors due to the radiations emitted by cell phones. Interestingly, the risk is highest for ipsilateral exposure, meaning tumor on the same side of the brain where phone mostly held.
Alter DNA
A laboratory study has shown that radio waves from mobile phones do harm body cells and damage DNA.(According to BBC)
Studies show that use of cell phones for more than 10 years increase the risk of Glioma
Nickel has been found in quite a few mobile sets. About 30% of UK population is allergic to nickel. Rash breaks out where the skin comes in contact with the cell phone.
Lack of Sleep
Scientists at a Swedish University, University of Gothenburg discovered that spending a lot of time on a cell phone disturbed the sleep.
Road Accidents
Throughout the world stats have shown an increase in road accidents because of drivers either talking on cell phones or texting while driving.
Most of the subjects (83.57%) had some knowledge about the adverse effects of mobile phone use. 76.92% of the students carried one mobile, and 23.08% more than one. 55.94%, of the subjects reported the average daily mobile phone use of less than 30 min, 27.97%, of 30-60 min, 11.53%, of 60-90 min and 4.54% of more than 90 min. 16.08% of the subjects complained of headache and 24.48% of fatigue. Impaired concentration was reported by 34.27% of respondents, memory disturbances by 40.56%, sleeplessness by 38.8%, hearing problems by 23.07%, and facial dermatitis by 16.78%. The sensation of warmth within the auricle and behind/around the ear was reported by 28.32%. Out of 286 subjects who participated in this study, 44.4% related their symptoms to mobile phone use.
The findings of the present study indicate that mobile phones play a large part in the daily life of medical students. Therefore, its impact on psychology and health should be discussed among the students to prevent the harmful effects of mobile phone use.

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