Friday , 24 May 2024

Acyclovir, Β-Cyclodextrin Complexed Matrix Tablets: Preparation and Evaluation

Suvarnamma B*, Naresh G, Hindustan Abdul Ahad, Sreedhar V, Rajesh Pavan A 
Department of Pharmaceutics, Balaji College of Pharmacy, Ananthapuramu, AP, India

The Study was endeavored with a plan to characterize β-cyclodextrin complexed controlled release matrix tablets of Acyclovir and it’s in vitro appraisal using guar gum as release frustrating agent. Preformulation study was done and results composed for the further course of preparation. In light of Preformulation studies different gatherings of Acyclovir were prepared using picked excipients. Granules were evaluated for flow properties. Equimolar physical mixtures were prepared by homogenously blending exactly weighed measures of medicine and β-CD until homogenous mixture is gotten. In this matrix the equimolar physical mixture (1:1),(1:2) and (1:3) was prepared as discussed above and subsequently progressively 1.5 times of water to the total weight of physical mixture was incorporated continuously in the midst of determined controlling. The mixture is controlled for around 1 h to get the paste. By then this paste was allowed to dry at room temperature for 24 h in dull spot to secure it from light and a while later the dried powder sieved to get uniform particle size course. The Inclusion structures showing better release profile was chosen to consider along with tablet estimations indication of weight 520 mg independently. The progressed clusters of joining structures with ß -CD were punched into tablets using PVP K-30 in 3 different centers (2 %) and punched into tablets
Keywords: Matrix Tablets, Acyclovir, antiviral, β-cyclodextrin, guar gum

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