Monday , 17 June 2024

A Review on Statin Co-Administration with Ezetimibe or Niacin for the Treatment of Hypercholesterolemia and other Diseases

Nutan Kumari*, Dr. B. Srivasatva, Ajay Kumar Tiwari, Renu  Kalyanwat, Vikas Kumar Singh, Ravi R .Parekh  
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jaipur National University
E-mail: [email protected]

Hypercholesterolemia disease treatment with HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors has been very successful. There is increasing interest in adding other lipid lowering therapy, primarily as additional therapy onto HMG-CoA reductase therapy. This paper will examine two of the more popular secondary agents, ezetimibe and niacin, and describe for usefulness in further reducing cardiovascular events.
Key words: Statins, ezetimibe, niacin, Hypercholesterolemia, coronary heart disease
Cholesterol is a fat (lipid) which is produced by the liver and is crucial for normal body functioning. Cholesterol exists in the outer layer of every cell in our body and has many functions. It is a waxy steroid and is transported in the blood plasma of all animals. It is the main sterol synthesized by animals – small amounts are also synthesized in plants and fungi. In the human body there are two major sources of cholesterol first, the gastrointestinal tract where daily cholesterol is derived from the diet, bile input and desquamated cells ; second, the liver which is the major source of cholesterol synthesis; in the human body. Approximately 50% of the cholesterol pool is absorbed and recirculated through the intestine, while the remainder is excreted through the feces. A recent and more effective therapeutic strategy, is to treat both sources of cholesterol simultaneously with a complementary mechanism of action, by co-administering ezetimibe, a novel agent inhibiting cholesterol absorption, together with a statin,which inhibits cholesterol production in the liver.This results in dual inhibition of both sources of cholesterol provides significantly greater LDL-C reduction and subsequent goal attainment.

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