Tuesday , 5 March 2024

A Review on Meningitis Associated Health Complications and its Management

A. Bharath Kumar*1, C. Gopinath2, B. Kumar3
1,2Department of Pharmacy Practice, Annamacharya college of Pharmacy, Rajampet.
3Department of Pharmacy Practice, Ratnam institute of Pharmacy, Nellore.

Meningitis is a chronic inflammatory condition of the cerebrum. The brain protected with distinguishes three layers dura matter, pia matter, and arachnoid matter. The meningitis condition can happened due to the inflammation between pia and arachnoid matter. The infection in meninges caused by various species like bacteria, fungal, virus, protozoal species. The person with previous history of infections he is high risk compare with others. In the last 20 years (1991–2010) close to one million suspected meningitis cases were reported among countries of the African approximately 100 000 deaths. 80 000 of these cases, including over 4000 deaths, occurred in 2009 country alone. the meningitis patients have headache, vomiting, diarrhea, encephalitis, neck stiffness, Photophobia. The diagnosis of case through MRI and CT-Scanning, CSF fluid examination. the meningitis complications includes CNS, kidney, liver, joint, behavioural abnormalities. The Prevention of the meningitis through maintaining healthy practices and medication adherence towards treatment plays a key role in vanishing infection origin in the body and promotes better prognosis to the patient. 
Keywords: Inflammation, cerebrum, infection

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