Thursday , 20 June 2024

A review on Effervescent Tablets

K. Munirajalakshmi*, P. Keerthana, O. Koushik, G. Himabindhu, T. Usha kiran Reddy, G. Sindhu, CH. Apparao
S V University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, S V University, Tirupati-517502, A.P, India

Oral dosage forms are the most popular way of taking medication, despite having some disadvantages compared with other methods like risk of slow absorption of the medicament, which can be overcome by administering the drug in liquid form, therefore, possibly allowing the use of a lower dosage. However, instability of many drugs in liquid dosage form limits its use. Effervescent technique can be used as alternate to develop a dosage form which can accelerate drug disintegration and dissolution, is usually applied in quick release preparations. Along with the development of new pharmaceutical technique, effervescent tablets are more and more extensively to adjust the behaviour of drug release, such as in sustained and controlled release preparations, pulsatile drug delivery systems.

Keywords: Oral dosage, medication, pulsatile drug delivery systems, liquid dosage form

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