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A Comparative study of pulmonary function tests in normal and obese subjects

About author
1Pradeep Nahar*, 1Swati Shah,   1A N Kowale, 1U.S. Zingade,  2Savita Vaidya
1Department of Physiology. B.J. Medical College, Pune, India
2Department of Physiology. G. M. C. Mumbai, India

Obesity is most common form of malnutrition affecting both develop and developing country. It has been associated with number of diseases including diabetes and hypertension. In the present study we tried to find out effect of obesity on pulmonary function. To record and compare pulmonary function parameters in obese and non obese individuals. Pulmonary function parameters were recorded in 50 non obese and 50 obese individuals using an RMS Helios 701 Spirometer. We found that all the pulmonary function parameters are less in obese subjects as compare to normal subjects except FEV1/FVC indicating restrictive type of ventilator changes in obese individuals.Obese individuals should be educated regarding hazardous effect of obesity on different body system. They should be motivated to lose weight and proper physiotherapy exercises should be taught to them to increase respiratory muscle strength.
Key words: Pulmonary function tests, obesity, restrictive diseases

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