Thursday , 20 June 2024

A Case Report on Zolpidem Induced Nocturnal Sleep Eating Disorder

Ch. Sailaja*1, Y. Karthik Mourya2, R. Pratibha3, Ramesh Dhani4
Ratnam Institute of Pharmacy, Pidathapolur, Muthukur, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India.

An adverse reaction is the condition when an unwanted effect caused by the administration of a drug. Here an example of an adverse drug reaction discussed, now a day’s physicians are using zola idem more often for treatment of insomnia and they should be aware of potentially serious adverse effects of zola idem. There are many cases which reported adverse drug effects on zolpidem. Eg:A case report on adverse drug reaction i .e sleep walking caused by zolpidem. This article comprises of adverse drug reaction.A case of sleep eating caused due to an adverse drug reaction of zolpidem prescribed for insomnia patient was identify during ward rounds. A female patient aged 7yrs old was consulted to a psychiatric department with chief complaints of sleep eating.She was a known patient of insomnia since 1year and diabetes milletus since 3 years. She is on medication with zolpidem for insomnia since 1 year and for metformin 500mg for diabetes milleus since 3 yrs. Recently she was found to be wandering at night and preparing food to has observed from 10 days.on investigation and reference it has found that zolpidem is having an Adverse reaction of sleep zolpidem was stopped and prescribed with Tab. Eszopiclone. Often stopping zolpidem,the complaint of sleep eating has been improved and the patient was recovered.
Keywords:  Insomnia,Zolpidem,Sleep Eating Disorder,Tab.Eszopiclone.

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