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Synthesis and Characterization of some β-lactam from substituted Malonic Ester

Entesar O. Al- Tamimi* and Hizoom M. Al- Mayiah* Department of Chemistry, College of Science, Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq A B S T R A C T Some new compounds were prepared containing β-lactam derivatives from substituted malonic acide with hydrazine hydrate to give hydrazide compounds, then reacted with chloroacetyl chloride in presence of ET3N  to obtain cycle β-lactam. The ... Read More »

Maternal and Perinatal Resulting in Pregnant With Complicated Eclampsia on Motherhood “Enrique C Sotomayor” During the Period January-December 2012

Yeh Ling Yiin Dillon1, Peter Chedraui2, Diego Vásquez C1 1Catholic University of Guayaquil, Guayaquil, Ecuador 2Motherhood Enrique Sotomayor A B S T R A C T Background: Eclampsia is the most severe manifestation of hypertensive disorders that complicates pregnancy. It is a major cause of maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality. In 2011, eclampsia with gestational hypertension was the second ... Read More »

Health Effects and Benefits of Chocolate

Bachu Naveena*, Chennuru Madavi latha, Pigilam Sri Chandana, Pamula Nandini, Koppolu Hyndavi Narayana Pharmacy College, Chinthareddypalem, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India. A B S T R A C T Its history can be traced back to the ancient peoples of Central and South America.  Early civilizations gave a religious significance to their beloved cocoa and their descendants still give offerings of cacao ... Read More »

Physicochemical Characterization and Instrumental Analysis of the Siddha Mineral Drug Naga Parpam

R. Sahulhameed1, V. Velpandian2, M. Pitchiah Kumar2, B. Sathya1,S. Balasubramanian1, V. Banumathi2 1Research Scholar, Post Graduate Department of Pharmacology, Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai, Tamilnadu-600 106, India. 2Faculties, Post Graduate Department of Pharmacology, Government Siddha  Medical College, Chennai, Tamilnadu-600106, India. A B S T R A C T The aim of the present study was to standardize the physico-chemical traits of ... Read More »

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