Sunday , 16 May 2021

Validation of HPLC Test Method For Methylcobalamin 1500mcg Tablets

Kalpana Patankar-Jain1, Parag Gadkari2, Pushkar Pradhan3
1Department of Chemistry, B. N. N. College, Bhiwandi
2Inventia Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Thane
3Department of Chemistry, Ramnarain Ruia College, Mumbai

A  B  S  T  R A C T
The current research paper gives method validation report for the quantification of methylcobalamin tablets. The method involved an gradiensystem of Phosphate buffer pH 3.5 and acetonitrile. The column used is Inertsil C18 column with dimentions (150 mm * 4.6 * 5 u). The compounds gave a good UV response at 256 nm, hence the detection wavelength. The developed method is simple, precise, robust and stands validated as per ICH guidelines.

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