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Preparation, In-vitro Characterization of Transdermal Proniosome Gel Containing Nifedipine

P. Anitha*, M. Purushothaman, P. Gowthami, D. Bhargavi, M. Krishnaveni, M. Rajesh, O. Sudheer Kumar  Department of Pharmaceutics, Vasavi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kadapa, A.P, India A B S T R A C T As an alternative to oral route, transdermal route of drug delivery was developed because of its limitations. This delivery has limitations in permeation of most drugs. One ... Read More »

Development and Characterization: Proniosomes of Ketoconazole for the Management of Candidiasis

Akanksha Jethmal*1, Amit K Agrawal2, Archana Tiwari2 1Department of Pharmaceutics, Vedica College of B.Pharmacy, Bhopal, M.P, India 2Department of Pharmaceutics, Patel College of Pharmacy, Bhopal, M.P, India A B S T R A C T The aim of present study was to prepare proniosomal gel for the topical drug delivery. Ketoconazole was used as proniosomal gel with sorbitol by using ... Read More »

Proniosomes: A Review

ABOUT AUTHOR Rajesh Asija*, Deepak Sharma, Haresh Nirmal Department of Pharmaceutics, Maharishi Arvind Institute of Pharmacy, Mansarovar, Jaipur, India Abstract: Proniosomes are promising drug carriers and are more advantageous than the conventional niosomes and liposomes. Proniosomes is dry formulation non ionic surfactants coated carriers and can be converted into noisome immediately before use by hydration. Approaches to stabilize niosomal drug ... Read More »

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