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Spectrophotometric Simultaneous Estimation of Valsartan and Hydrochlorothiazide in Pharmaceutical Dosage Form using Mixed Hydrotropic Solubilisation Approach

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Jyoti  Vilas  Jadhav*,  Kishorkumar  Burade
Govt.  College  of  Pharmacy,  Vidyanagar  Karad, Satara,  Maharashtra- 415124,  India
Email: [email protected]

Two validated UV spectrophotometric methods for the simultaneous estimation of  Valsartan  and  Hydrochlorothiazide  in  pure  powder  and  in  two  component  tablet  dosage  form  have  been  developed,  utilising  simultaneous  equation  and  absorbance  ratio  method.  The  method  is  based  on  the  measurement  of  absorbance  of  Valsartan and  Hydrochlorothiazide  at their  respective  wavelengths  of  250.2  nm  and  271.6  nm  and  at the  isoabsorptive  wavelength  of  258.8  nm  in  a  mixed  hydrotropic  blend  of  25% w/v urea  and  25%  w/v  sodium citrate.  Linearity was observed in the concentration range of 4-28 µg/ml  and  4-32  µg/ml  for  Valsartan  and  2-14  and  4-32  µg/ml  for Hydrochlorothiazide  by  method  A  and  B  respectively.  The  proposed  methods  have been  applied  successfully  to  the  analysis  of  cited  drugs  in  pharmaceutical  formulations.  Recovery  study  was  performed  to  confirm  the  accuracy  of  the  methods. The   methods  were  validated  as  per  ICH  guidelines.
Keywords:  Valsartan,  Hydrochlorothiazide, mixed  hydrotropic  blend, validation, simultaneous equation method,  Q absorbance  method

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