Thursday , 27 January 2022

Spectrophotometric Determination of Trace Lead in Biological Samples by using 2,4-di Methoxy benzaldehyde isonicotinoyl Hydrazone (DMBIH)

Author Details
Ramakrishna Reddy. K*, Devanna. N, Chandrasekhar. K.B
Department of Chemistry, JNTUA, College of Engineering, Anantapur, A.P, India.

A rapid, simple, sensitive and selective spectrophotometric method has been developed for the determination of Lead (II) using newly synthesized Chromogenic reagent 2, 4-Dimethoxy benzaldehyde isonicotinoyl hydrazone (DMBIH). Lead (II) forms bright yellow coloured water soluble complex with DMBIH in the pH range 8.0-10.0.  The maximum absorbance was observed at pH 9.0. The molar absorptivity and sandell’s sensitivity of Pb (II) at λmax 396 nm was found to be 3.1372×104 and 0.005 μg / cm2. Beer’s law validity range 0.4596-5.5152 μg/ml. Pb (II) forms 1:1 complex with DMBIH and stability constant of the complex was found to be 3.57×106. The first and second order derivative method has been developed. The derivative amplitudes were measured by peak height method and shows maximum amplitudes at 425 nm and 445 nm respectively in alkali buffer medium. The developed method was used for the determination of Pb (II) in biological samples.
Keywords: Lead (II), Derivative Spectrophotometry, 2,4-Dimethoxy benzaldehyde isonicotinoylhydrazone (DMBIH) and Biological samples.

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