Sunday , 16 May 2021

RP-HPLC Metthod Development and Vaidation for Velpatasvir and Voxilaprevir by Simulatneous Determination in Bulk and Their Pharamceutical Dosage Forms

MD. Abdul Sattar*, A. Suneetha
Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Hindu college of Pharmacy, Amaravathi Road, Guntur-522002, A. P, India.

Chromatography is the most powerful and versatile technique available to the modern analyst. In a single step process it can separate a mixture into its individual components and simultaneously provide a quantitative estimate of each constituent. Samples may be gaseous, liquid or solid in nature and can range in complexity from a simple blend of two enantiomers to a multi component mixture containing widely differing chemical species. The word chromatography means “color writing” which is a way that a chemist can test liquid mixtures. While studying the coloring materials in plant life, a Russian botanist, M.S. Tswett invented chromatography in 1902.

Keywords: Thermosil C18 column, Velpatasvir and Voxilaprevir, RP-HPLC

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