Thursday , 30 March 2023

Review of Type of Nanoparticles, Characterization and Drug Delivery Application

A. Ajitha*, S. Gobinath, R. Ramprasad, Nilsha Anil, N. Venkateshan, J. Amutha Iswarya Devi
Department of Pharmacy, Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of Pharmacy, Anand Nager, Krishnankoil-626126.

A  B  S  T  R  A  C  T
The most emerging branch in pharmaceutical is “Pharmaceutical nanotechnology “which are expected to have significant applications in disease diagnostics and therapeutics. Pharmaceutical nanotechnology comprised of Nano- sized products which can be transformed in numerous ways to improve their characteristics various pharmaceutical nanotechnology based systems which can be termed as Nano pharmaceuticals like 1. Polymeric Nanopartical biodegradable-excellent carrier for sustained delivery of drug 2. Carbon Nanotubes-unique electric properties-enhance solubility 3.Polymeric Micelles-high drug entrapment-long circulatory. liposome-versatile-active delivery of gene.5.Quantum Dots-narrow emission-receptor mediated endocytosis.6.Metallic Nanoparticle-gold and  silver colloids-highly sensitive diagnostic assays, 7.Nano bubbles (NBs) are Nano scaled bubble like structures that are generated in the interface of hydrophobic surfaces in liquids etc. Application like diagnostics, drug transport, free radical scavengers, photosensitizers, cell specificity, internalization, vaccine delivery, gene delivery, gene silencing, reduce toxicity and increase the efficacy etc. Nanoparticle small in size of particles so easily penetration in skin, blood and cardiovascular system and brain etc. These are most important applications and nanoparticles associated health risk related information available till present.

Keywords: Nanotechnology, Nanoparticle, types and application.

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