Friday , 22 September 2023

A Review on Current status of Ebola Virus Complications in the World

Dommaraju Likhitha*, Gajulapalle Sireesha, Sadhana Priya, Kothapatnam Sai Pranavi
Pharm.D, Ratnam Institute of Pharmacy, Pidathapolur, Muthukur, Nellore

Ebola is a rare but deadly virus that causes bleeding inside and outside the body.As the virus spreads through the body.It damages the immune system and organs.It transmitted by animals and humans.Control of out breaks requires through coordinating with medical services.The disease has a high risk of death, killing between 25 and 90 percent of those infected, with an average of about 50 percent. The virus begins its attack by attaching to host receptors through the glycoprotein (GP) surface peplomers and is  endocytosed  into  macropinosomes in the host cell and it penetration into the cell.we can identify the symptom in patients includes vomiting, diarrhoea, rash, symptoms of impaired kidney and liver function, and in some cases, both internal and external bleedings.It is diagnosed through nucleic acid test.The complications of virus includes  Multiple organ failure,Severe bleeding,yellow colour discolouration of eyes, skin, Seizures, Coma.many more research companies in various countries are conducting vaccine trials.Recently 14 january 2016 liberia WHO declares the end of the most recent outbreak of Ebola virus disease in Liberia and says all known chains of transmission have been stopped in west africa.

Key words: bleedings, immune system, macropinosomes, Multiple organ failure.

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