Wednesday , 24 February 2021

Preparation and In-Vitro Characterization of Asenapine Maleate Fast Dissolving Sublingual Tablets

D. Anudeep Reddy*, Pradip Das
Department of Pharmaceutics, Teegala Krishna Reddy College of Pharmacy, Meerpet, Saroornagar, Hyderabad-500 097

The present study was carried out on Asenapine Maleate Sublingual tablets using direct compression method. In this study super disintegrants were crospovidone, croscarmellose sodium, starch glycolate and remaining exciepients Magnesium stearate, Talc and mannitol were also used. The aim of the present study was to prepare and evaluate sublingual tablets by using Crospovidone, Croscarmellose sodium, Sodium Starchglycolate as super dissintegrants prepared by wet granulation method. The FT-IR confirmed no interaction between the drug and polymers. Thickness, Weight variations, hardness, friability, drug content estimation, wetting time, Water absorption ratio, in vitro dispersion time, in vitro disintegration time, in vitro dissolution studies of  methanol were found to be uniform and reproducible.

Keywords: Asenapine Maleate, crospovidone, croscarmellose sodium, starch glycolate.

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