Thursday , 3 December 2020

Pharmaceutical Cocrystals: An Emerging New Class of Solid Dosage Forms with Improved Physicochemical Properties

Pranit Saraswat*1, Dr Poonam2, Dr.B.P.Nagori3
1SRMSCET, Pharmacy, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh
2GHG Khalsa College of Pharmacy, Gurusar Sadhar, Ludhiana, Punjab
3Lachoo Memorial College of Pharmacy, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

The increasing frequency of drugs which have poor aqueous solubility, manufacturability and stability in development offers risk of new drug products with low and variable bioavailability particularly for those drugs administrated by the oral route, with consequences for safety and efficacy. Although number of strategies exists for enhancing the bioavailability of these drugs, newer strategies, dependent on the physical and chemical nature of the molecules are being developed. Crystal engineering approach presents a number of routes such as co-crystallization, polymorphism and salt formation to improve physicochemical properties of drugs, which can be implemented through a detailed knowledge of crystallization processes and the molecular properties of drugs. Pharmaceutical co-crystals are emerging as a new class of solid drugs with improved physicochemical properties, which has attracted increased interests from both industrial and academic researchers. In the present review, the concept of co-crytsallization to improve solubility of drug molecules has been discussed.

Keywords: oral route, Pharmaceutical co-crystals, chemical nature, stability

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