Thursday , 20 January 2022

New and Emerging Food Borne Zoonoses and their Prevention and Control: A Review

Subha Ganguly*
All India Coordinated Research Project on Post Harvest Technology (ICAR), Department of Fish Processing Technology, Faculty of Fishery Sciences, West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences, Kolkata-700 094, WB, India

Nearly one-third of food poisoning incidences worldwide majorly in developed countries is believed to be viral in origin. In USA, viral food intoxications contribute to overall 50% cases annually including norovirus as prominent source, which individually share 57% of the total outbreaks in this regard. The severity of virus borne food intoxications have intermediate incubation period causing illnesses which may be self limited or have the potential to spread among healthy individuals. Common viral etiology includes Enterovirus.
Key words: Virus, Food-borne infections, Toxins

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