Wednesday , 27 October 2021

Minor Tranquilizing Activity of Plant Chrozophora Plicata

Kadiri Sunil kumar*, kalakonda rajesh
Vijaya College of Pharmacy, Munaganoor – 501511, Hyderabad, A.P, India

The study was designed to investigate the minor tranquilizing (anxiolytic) effects of ethanolic extract of chrozophora plicata leaves (600mg/kg) against experimentally induced anxiety models such as elevated plus maze, and open field test in albino rats. In the elevated plus maze, three groups of albino rats, each group containing three animals are used. The control group, test group (chrozophora plicata 600mg/kg, p.o) and standard (alprazolam 0.5mg/kg) treated animals are placed in the center of elevated plus maze apparatus one by one head facing towards open arm and the preference of animals towards open and closed arms are noted for a period of 5minutes. In open field test, the rats are placed in the center of open field test apparatus consisting of a block made up of thermocole and the behavioral responses of anxiety such as ambulation, rearing, self grooming and activity in the center were noted for a period of 5minutes with control, test extract and alprazolam treated rats. The crude ethanolic extract of chrozophora plicata (600mg/kg) showed significant anxiolytic activity in albino rats by increasing in time spent by the animals in open arms (76.66±1.58seconds) of elevated plus maze apparatus in comparision with the time spent in open arms with control animals (24.6± 0.62seconds). The behavioral responses of anxiety in open field test such as ambulation, activity in center and self grooming shown by rats with text extract chrozophora plicata (600mg/kg) was found to be less (2.99) when compared to control group rats (12.625). Hence it indicates the given test ethanolic extract of chrozophora plicata leaf (600mg/kg) possesses anxiolytic activity. Phytochemical screening of chrozophora plicata leaf extract indicates the presence of Flavonoids, alkaloids, tannins and glycosides. Therefore the antianxiety activity of crude chloroform extract of chrozophora plicata may be due to tannins and flavonoids.
Key words: Anxiolytic activity, Ethanolic extract, Chrozophora plicata.         

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