Wednesday , 7 June 2023

Medicinal Chemistry of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Drug: A Review

Amol S Dighe*1, Sagar D. Magar1, Nachiket S. Dighe2
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pravara Rural College of Pharmacy, Pravaranagar, Loni, Maharashtra, India

Tyrosine kinases are a part of many cell functions, including cell signaling, growth, and division. These enzymes may be too active or found at high levels in some types of cancer cells, and blocking them may help keep cancer cells from growing. Some tyrosine kinase inhibitors are used to treat cancer. They are a type of targeted therapy. Numerous TKIs aiming at various tyrosine kinases have been generated by the originators of these compounds and proven to be effective anti-tumor agents and anti-leukemic agents. Dasatinib, Erlotinib, Gefitinib, Imatinib, Lapatinib, Sorafenib, Sunitinib drugs approved by the FDA in 2016, appears to be on its way to the standard of care in regards to TKIs.

Keywords: Tyrosine kinases, Dasatinib, Erlotinib, Gefitinib, Imatinib

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